How Duct Cleaning Helps Indoor Air Quality

Today's Ottawa homes are well insulated. In response to current concerns about heat loss and energy efficiency, we've made the modern North American home into an almost entirely closed system.

But while a tightly sealed house saves you money on your heating bills, it also means that any air pollutants inside your home have a much harder time escaping. As odd as it sounds, air pollution can be worse inside your home than out!

In our airtight buildings today, we lock in and recirculate contaminants like:

  • lint
  • dust & dirt
  • pollen
  • hair & skin flakes
  • glues, paints, varnishes
  • pet fur & dander
  • spiders, cobwebs
  • mould & mildew
  • fungi
  • household cleaners
  • bacteria & viruses
  • dead flies
  • dust mites
  • tobacco ash
  • cooking smoke & tobacco smoke

Ottawa Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

In an Ottawa winter, we tend to spend more time indoors. Other than having your ducts regularly cleaned by Holmes Heating, what else can you do to improve your indoor air quality in Ottawa?

To eliminate airborne particles, you can install:

  • a pleated furnace filter
  • an electronic air cleaner
  • a whole-house HEPA filter
  • a mechanical ventilation system
  • a heat-recovery ventilator

Improve Your Air Quality With Ottawa Duct Cleaning

If your Ottawa heating and cooling systems are older, they can affect your air quality and poor air quality can damage your systems.

HVAC contractors in Ottawa are familiar with studies showing that poor air filtration can reduce the lifespan of furnace equipment-shortening it by up to seven years.

Your heating and cooling systems are probably the most expensive appliances in your home, so why not take good care of them?

If poor air quality is making them run inefficiently, you could be paying hundreds of dollars in extra energy bills.

What does this mean for you? Improving your indoor air quality with an Ottawa duct cleaning could help you to save both your lungs and your wallet.

If you want to breathe easier, and boost the efficiency of your Ottawa heating and cooling systems, call Holmes Heating to ask about air quality solutions. Phone us at 613-592-8170.