Cleaning Manotick Air Ducts for Better Health

We're all concerned about heat loss and energy efficiency. That's why many Manotick homes are so well-insulated and tightly sealed, making them an almost closed system.

While this saves money on heating bills, ironically it also means that air pollution can be worse inside a home than outside it. Any air pollutants that build up in an airtight building tend to get locked in and recirculated.

This happens most often when it's been a while since the house last had a thorough duct cleaning. Some of the household contaminants that can build up unnoticed in ductwork include:

  • lint
  • dust & dirt
  • pollen
  • hair & skin flakes
  • pet fur & dander
  • spiders, cobwebs
  • mould & mildew
  • fungi
  • bacteria & viruses
  • dead flies
  • dust mites
  • tobacco ash

Other pollutants in the average Manotick home may include toxins emitted from common substances like:

  • cooking smoke and cigarette smoke
  • household cleaners and air fresheners
  • glues, paints, varnishes, and much more

Indoor air quality is especially important during the Manotick winter, when we all spend more time indoors. That's why anyone in Manotick with environmental sensitivities may find that they breathe easier after a thorough duct cleaning by one of the most trusted professionals in the National Capital Region: Holmes Heating.

Manotick Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

At Holmes Heating, we're experts at duct cleaning. Whether you live in a newer house or an older home, we have the expertise to make 100% sure that your Manotick duct system is thoroughly cleaned of any dirt and dust that's built up. With their handy See-Snake video camera, our trained technicians can get at even the most hard-to-reach parts of your Manotick furnace and air ducts.

Holmes Heating has been a respected Manotick HVAC contractor for almost 50 years, and has been in the Manotick duct-cleaning business for 15 years. We've cleaned ducts in hundreds of homes across the National Capital Region. Contact us for a quote on YOUR residential duct cleaning. Just call 613-592-8170.

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