Nepean Duct Cleaning for Better Indoor Air

Today's North American houses are becoming more and more tightly sealed. Concerns about heat loss and energy efficiency have made the modern home into an almost entirely closed system.

While this saves you money on your heating bills, it also means that any air pollutants inside your home have a much harder time escaping. Our airtight Nepean buildings lock in and recirculate all kinds of contaminants, such as:

  • lint
  • dust & dirt
  • pollen
  • hair & skin flakes
  • pet fur & dander
  • spiders, cobwebs
  • mould & mildew
  • fungi
  • bacteria & viruses
  • dead flies
  • dust mites
  • tobacco ash

What's the solution to improving your indoor air-quality? Having your Nepean home duct cleaning done by Holmes Heating. Our Nepean duct cleaning experts will remove all that unpleasant stuff that clogs your ducts, with our state-of-the-art duct cleaning services.

The HEPA-AIRE Duct Cleaning System

Our portable Nepean duct cleaning system is designed to quickly and efficiently suck all the grunge out of your ducts. This system features our HEPA-AIRE power vacuum unit, and the AIRE-SWEEP air compressor. The process works like this:

  • Technicians tightly cover all your home's vents and cold-air returns.
  • They connect the power vacuum to your duct system, near the furnace.
  • They drill one-inch-wide access holes into selected ducts.
  • They connect air hoses, fitted with special 360° high-velocity nozzles, to the compressor.
  • They insert the hoses into the access holes, snaking them through the ducts.
  • High-velocity air from the compressor blasts the ducts, dislodging dust and dirt.
  • The HEPA-AIRE power vacuum sucks out all the visible and invisible grunge-capturing particles as small as 1/300th the size of a hair.

By the time our Nepean duct-cleaning technicians are done, your ducts are spotless.

Holmes Heating has been a respected Nepean HVAC contractor for 15 years. Contact us for a quote on your residential duct cleaning: call 613-592-8170.

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