Orleans Duct Cleaning: The Best Reasons, The Best Company

Your furnace blows all kinds of contaminants into your air ducts-dust, dirt, pollen, human hair, pet fur, animal dander, etc.  Over time, a surprising amount of this debris builds up in your ductwork.

The most effective way to improve the air quality of your home? Call on the Orleans duct cleaning experts at Holmes Heating. We remove all those contaminants with our state-of-the-art power blower-and-vacuum system.

Not only will you and your family breathe easier-your furnace will run more efficiently too. When Holmes Heating does an Orleans duct cleaning job, it improves the airflow in your home-which reduces the strain on the rest of your HVAC system, helping it operate better. Another benefit: lower energy bills!

Who Needs Orleans Duct Cleaning?

Holmes Heating recommends duct cleaning in Orleans anytime a homeowner hasn't had their ducts cleaned in the last 3-5 years. This is especially true if:

  • You, or anyone in your family, is allergic to common contaminants like dust, mould, animal dander, or dust mites.
  • You've recently renovated your home. Drywall dust, for example, is extremely penetrating stuff.
  • There's been construction work near your home. Dust can manage to settle inside a house when roadwork is being done.
  • You've recently moved, and want to make sure you're not breathing someone else's dust and dirt.
  • Your home or your furnace is an older one and is not well maintained.

Don't let neglected air ducts affect your family's health! Contact us for a quote on your residential duct cleaning: call 613-592-8170.

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