Richmond Duct Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

Whether you live in an old house or a new one, it's important that you choose a Richmond duct cleaner with the know-how to service your home's unique needs.

At Holmes Heating, our team has cleaned ductwork in hundreds of homes across the National Capital Region-from Ottawa to Richmond, from Arnprior to Rockland, from Greely to Winchester, and many places in between.

We know ductwork. Holmes has the expertise to make 100% sure that YOUR Richmond ducts are completely cleaned of common household contaminants and allergens such as:

  • lint, dust & dirt
  • pollen
  • hair & skin flakes
  • pet fur & dander
  • spiders, cobwebs
  • mould & mildew
  • dead flies
  • dust mites
  • tobacco ash

Holmes Heating has been a respected Richmond HVAC contractor for almost 50 years, and has been in the Richmond duct-cleaning business for 15 years. Our technicians provide superior duct-cleaning service.

Who Needs a Richmond Duct-Cleaning Intervention?

At Holmes Heating, we recommend a duct cleaning to any homeowner who hasn't had the job done recently (in the last 3-5 years). That's especially true if:

  • There's asthma or allergies in your family. Many people have allergic reactions to pollen, mould, animal dander, or dust mites-all common in neglected ducts.
  • You've recently had renovations, which often produce lingering deposits of stuff like drywall dust.
  • You have roadwork outside your home, which can kick up a lot of dust.
  • You've recently moved, and don't care to breathe the previous owner's dust.
  • Your have an older furnace, or an older house. If ducts or equipment haven't been well maintained, lots of undesirable stuff may be lurking there-and the HVAC system may be straining to produce a good airflow.

Our Holmes Heating Richmond heating and cooling professionals travel from our central location to all areas of the National Capital Region-and they'd be happy to come and solve your residential duct cleaning needs. For information or a quote, just  call 613-592-8170.

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