Best Reasons for Stittsville Duct Cleaning

In your town, smart homeowners know that having Stittsville duct cleaning done is one of the most effective ways to improve the air quality of their homes.

Whenever your furnace runs, it pulls all kinds of household contaminants into your duct system-dust, dirt, lint, pollen, human hair, pet fur, animal dander, etc.

Over the years, this debris can accumulate and make ducts a breeding ground for more nasty things, like mould spores, bacteria, fungus, and mildew.

That's the bad news. The good news? The Stittsville duct cleaning experts at Holmes Heating will remove all that unpleasant stuff with a state-of-the-art HEPA-AIRE Stittsville duct cleaning system.

Not only will you and your family breathe easier, your furnace will run more efficiently. Having a duct cleaning improves your home's airflow, reducing strain on the HVAC system. Because your furnace and air conditioner will operate more efficiently, that means your energy bills will be lower.

The HEPA-AIRE Stittsville Duct Cleaning System

Our portable Stittsville duct cleaning system uses top-of-the-line technology to quickly and efficiently remove everything that's built up in your ductwork. Here's how it works:

First our technicians cap all your air vents and cold-air returns. Then they:

  • Connect our HEPA-AIRE power vac to your duct system.
  • Drill small access holes into selected ducts.
  • Feed long air hoses up into the ducts through the access holes.
  • Connect the hoses to our powerful AIRE-SWEEP compressor.
  • Blast the insides of the ducts with 360° high-velocity nozzles.
  • Extract all the dislodged dust and dirt with the high-powered vacuum-with filters so sophisticated, they can even capture particles 300 times smaller than a hair.

When the job is done, our Stittsville duct cleaning specialists do a final check to make sure your ducts are completely clean. Then they disconnect the vacuum and compressor, seal up the access holes, uncover your vents, and take away their equipment.

Holmes Heating: The Best Company for Duct Cleaning in Stittsville

Our central location means our fleet of service trucks can easily cover all areas of the National Capital Region-from Arnprior to Rockland, from downtown to Kemptville, or anywhere in between. No matter where you live, our technicians will solve your duct cleaning needs. Just call us at 613-592-8170.

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